"Solar Egg" Battery Charger Cooks in Low Sunlight

Paul Lilly

You're not likely to find the Solar Egg on any Denny's menu, nor would you want to put one in your mouth anyway. Feel free to toss it out into low sunlight, however, where developers XPAL and Intivation claim the Solar Egg's internal 500mAh battery can reach over 90 percent charge in just 4 hours of exposure in "average charging conditions."

"Solar power is a huge unrealized energy source particularly in the Western world which tends to have fewer hours of sunlight than developing markets," says Christian Scheder, President, XPAL. "As personal devices demand more energy and solar charging technology improves, we are making solar power available to more consumers and changing the way people power their portable devices."

The two companies are touting the Solar Egg as the world's first high performance solar charger. They say it's built to power a range of devices, from phones to MP3 players.

This one will start shipping next month in "select regions," followed by a global rollout later this year. No word yet on price.

Image Credit: XPAL via Engadget

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