So Long "Radio" -- Radio Shack to Rebrand Itself

Paul Lilly

While it will be a few more days until we have official word from Radio Shack, it looks as though the popular brick and mortar electronics chain will attempt to change its image through a rebranding. Starting August 6th (this Thursday), the store name will be shortened to "The Shack."

Details are light at best, but according to Electronista, the name change will apply to the entire store network, which will be reflected in displays later this week and updated signs by the end of the year. Only the corporate infrastructure will retain the old naming scheme, Electronista reports.

It's hard to argue against the name change, as we can't remember the last time we shopped an actual radio. The name change will reflect this, as well as the chain's greater focus on the mobile market, which will kick into high gear later this week. A special website hinting at the name change has been put up to promo the store's upcoming 'netogether,' a "massive event" that "will connect New York and San Francisco via larger-than-life laptops."

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