So Long, PlayStation 2, It Was Nice Knowing You

Paul Lilly

Sony discontinues the PlayStation 2 after nearly 13 years on the market.

After more than a decade, it's finally time to bid farewell to Sony's PlayStation 2 console, assuming you haven't already. Sony discontinued the PS2 today, announcing that shipments in Japan have come to a halt, a Japanese language website reports . Once those are depleted, there will be no new PS2 consoles available for purchase, thus ending a pretty remarkable run that spans nearly 13 years (Sony released the PS2 on March 4, 2000).

The PS2 retires with some significant accomplishments under its belt, not the least of which is that it sold over 150 million units, a tally Sony announced a year ago. There are more than 10,000 PS2 titles available, and there have been 1.52 billion PS2 games sold since the system launched. You can actually still find new games being released for the console, though they're relatively few and far between at this point.

Looking ahead, Sony is now focused on its PlayStation 3 console and refuses to give any sort of hint as to when it might release a PlayStation 4. Other than Nintendo and its recently released Wii U, today's consoles are rocking 6-year-old hardware.

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