So Long And Thanks For All The Fish, VGA/DVI

Brad Chacos

Alas, poor VGA and DVI; we knew ye well. If those increasingly obsolete connection technologies hold a place near and dear to your heart, you might want to make it a point of going out and picking up a laptop or desktop sometime soon. It's looking like five years from now, DVI and VGA ports will join dinosaurs, VCRs and the Dodo in the pages of the history books, smothered by the more widespread HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces.

In a study cited by Techworld , NPD In-Stat says that both AMD and Intel will start phasing out support for VGA in 2015, and AMD plans on phasing out DVI at the same time. Why are HDMI and DisplayPort sticking around while their counterparts shuffle off into the sunset? It's all about the upgrade path, according to In-Stat's Brian O-Rourke .

"DVI has no roadmap to upgrade the specification; it is essentially the same as it was upon its launch in 1999. HDMI and DisplayPort, on the other hand, have made significant strides in a number of markets."

DVI isn't going quietly, though: In-Stat expects over 19 million DVI-sporting desktops to ship in 2012. Will you crack open a 40 for the dead ports walking, or have you already made the leap to HDMI and DisplayPort?

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