Snow Leopard Update Heightens Security, Offers More Secure Wi-Fi

Paul Lilly

For those of you rocking a Mac, Apple on Monday released a software update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard bringing the current version to 10.6.3.

The latest update plugs a whole bunch of security holes, addressing everything from improved validation of MPEG encoded movie files to preventing remote attackers from extracting information from Open Directory, as well as a little love for more secure Wi-Fi. There are 69 security related updates in all, of which you can view here .

Version 10.6.3 also includes several stability and compatibility enhancements, some of which include:

  • address compatibility issues with OpenGL-based applications
  • address a color issue in iMovie with HD content
  • improve the reliability of 3rd party USB input devices
  • improve printing reliability

Apple also took a step towards better error reporting . In addition to the Crash Reporter state data, updated Macs will also include recent system loga information as well as details about the apps and hardware devices installed.

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