Snap Up Windows Black Friday Deals on Surface Tablets and Notebooks



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A 32GB Surface RT for $199 and people would still have buyer's remorse over paying that for one?

Sure, it's not an iPad, but somebody please tell me if Apple is going to sell iPads at that price...



I've been an electronic geek junky for over 10 years (started late, sorry) and have to admit that with about 90% of my purchases I have experienced buyer's remorse. I end up selling over half the things I purchase within two years. I guess that makes me an upgrade junkie too. The only 'cure' for this electronic age disorder is to just say "NO!" and admit to yourself that buying the latest and greatest all the time is just not worth it...regardless of a sale or not. Just my two cents :)


John Pombrio

There simply is no such thing as a "sale" unless you were were going to buy it in the first place. Perhaps if you were on the fence, it might be a good time to buy but I am sure buyer's remorse is a lot higher than on a planned purchase.