Snap a Pic and Translate with Google's Latest App

Ryan Whitwam

Today at Mobile World Congress Google showed off a new piece of software that may prevent untold thousands of cultural misunderstandings. The prototype software allows a user to upload a photo of text, and then translate it to a different language . In the demo, the application was used on a German menu where it correctly translated "Fruhlingssalat mit Wildkrautern" as "spring salad with wild herbs."

The app was running on an Android phone, but few details were released. It could be this is just some unreleased feature in Google Goggles. Google CEO Eric Schmidt played off the demo in his speech when he said the availability of cloud computing applications on phones would be a potent factor in the future of wireless technology.

The Google event also included a new look at Flash content working on the Android operating system. Between that and the image translation app, Google managed to work the Android fanboys into a frenzy. No word on release dates for either feature.

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