Smartphones, Android Dominate Mobile Phone Sales, Nielsen Says

Paul Lilly

Over half (54.9 percent) of U.S. mobile subscribers were wielding a smartphone at the end of June 2012, according to Nielsen. The smartphone segment continues to grow, and if Nielsen's figures are correct, two out of three mobile phone shoppers now opt for a smartphone rather than a feature phone. Google's Android platform is the biggest benefactor of this trend, which claims the lion's share of the smartphone OS market.

According to Nielsen , Android is still in pole position, bumping up its overall OS market share to 51.8 percent, and grabbing hold of 54.6 percent of smartphone shoppers in the past three months. Apple's iOS platform trails in a somewhat distant second place, though still accounts for more than a third (34.3 percent) of the market in the U.S.

Not surprisingly, Apple had the highest manufacturer share of smartphone handsets at 34 percent, and of those who purchased a handset in June 2012, 36 percent chose an iPhone. Samsung leads the Android camp with a 17 percent share, followed by HTC at 14 percent, Motorola at 11 percent, and all others accounting for 9 percent.

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