Smartphone Security to Take Center Stage

Paul Lilly

Going forward, research firm ABI Research says smartphones will come decked out with antivirus software and other technology to thwart the bad guys from exploiting your mobile device. Even fingerprint sensors are likely, ABI says.

Malware on mobile phones is nothing new, but although it's been seen before, ABI points out that the damage has been pretty minimal up to this point. Look for that to change.

"Smartphones have access to more sensitive data every year, and security must be tightened to prevent the theft or loss of important business information," says ABI Research VP Stan Schatt.

According to ABI, smartphones sporting advanced security software will increase fivefold in the next five years, driven in part by increasing concerns from enterprises with mobile workforces. Bigger enterprises will invest in mobile device management platforms to integrate with their IT departments, while smaller companies will use managed security services, ABI says.

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