Smartphone Owners Say Screen Size Matters

Paul Lilly

Make no mistake folks, size matters, which means you can forget all that silly talk about it being how you use the thing that really matters. A recent study suggests that most definitely isn't the case, and that bigger is better. We're of course talking about smartphone screens (cue the collective sighs of relief), and according to a report published by the Strategy Wireless Device Lab, smartphone owners prefer screen sizes ranging from 4 inches to 4.5 inches, so long as the device is also thin.

Out of those surveyed in the U.S. and U.K., nearly 90 percent of current smartphone owners showed a preference to a prototype smartphone with a display larger than their current device.

"This trend is driven by increased mobile Web browsing capability, as well as engaging video and gaming experiences," said Paul Brown , a Director in the Strategy Analytics User Experience Practice.

Kevin Nolan, Vice President for the User Experience Practice at Strategy Analytics, added that it's equally important for smartphone manufacturers to "ensure that mobile devices are not too heavy and that the devices remain thin enough for purses and pockets."

The sweet spot for such devices is, as mentioned, between 4 inches and 4.5 inches, perhaps suggesting that while smartphone owners crave bigger displays, there might be a limit. Samsung's Galaxy Note boasts a 5.3-inch screen and is billed as a hybrid phone/tablet. TechnoBuffalo asked its readers if they think the Galaxy Note is too big, and so far there's a nearly even split between those who do (37.85 percent) and those who don't (36.46 percent). A quarter (25.69 percent) of survey respondents said they'll reserve judgement until seeing one in person.

What do you think is the perfect size for a smartphone display?

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