Smart TVs the Safe Bet for 2011

Paul Lilly

LCD TV makers know where it's at, but do you? If you said "3D," deduct 200 geek points for jumping the gun (guess again when glasses-free 3D displays become commonplace). For those of you who said "Internet connected TVs," you're getting closer. The real answer? Smart TVs.

According to DigiTimes , LCD TV makers will focus on smart TV technology in 2011, adding built-in processors and software with advanced user interfaces, fast content search, and connections with other mobile devices. DNLA interfaces will also become commonplace.

Samsung expects to sell 45 million TVs in 2011, a 12 percent increase from 2010, with 10 million of those equipped with smart technology. LG, meanwhile, is adding a new Media Link function to its LCD TV line. This will allow viewers to tap into content onto their home network.

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