SMART Boards get SMARTer with Touch Recognition


If John Madden ever gets his hands on a new touch recognition SMART Board, we're throwing in the towel and never watching another football game again. It's bad enough watching Madden draw swirlies on the screen as he explains that the team who scores more points by the end of the game will be the winner, but can you imagine the added dimension of moving players and objects around? *shudder*

Despite the potential risks involved, fans of SMART Boards will be stoked to learn that touch recognition has found its way onto the interactive whiteboard. According to Smarttech, the touch recognition feature makes it possible for compatible Boards to discern between writing with a pen and attempting to move objects with your fingers and will switch modes automatically.

"For teachers new to the SMART Board, this feature helps them become proficient more quickly," Smarttech writes on its product page. "That’s because the intuitive flow of writing and erasing on the board is similar to how traditional chalkboards and whiteboards are used. And the sooner teachers become comfortable with the technology, the sooner they can start engaging students with interactive lessons."

You can view a clip of the new SMART Board in action on YouTube here , which demonstrates some nifty functionality such as moving newly written words around.

Touch recognition-capable SMART Boards are expected to available in early February, so any day now.

Image Credit: Smarttech

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