Slysoft Plays Cat and Mouse with BD+ DRM - And Continues to Win the War

Justin Kerr

Copy protection and DRM in general is a difficult subject to write about objectively. If you take a step back and look at the desire to protect ones intellectual property, DRM sounds like a good idea. But as a legitimate consumer of many types of media, it can be somewhat frustrating to know that pirates get to enjoy their plunder on any device, while my DVD remains locked to its plastic prison. Ways around this exist , but they are often somewhat involved, and if you’re trying to keep things legitimate, it’s difficult to know exactly when you’ve broken the law. CD and DVD copy protection has been cracked for some time now, and many easy to use utilities exist to do so. For legitimate consumers, this represents a grey area of the law many seem willing to cross.

The rise of HD media gave birth to even more insidious DRM solutions for protecting video. HDCP compliant displays and BD+ are just two of the terms that haunt HD enthusiasts, particularly those with home theatre PC’s. Blu-Ray’s copy protection has been heavily criticized, and both software and hardware players often require constant updates to play the newest releases. Those in search of a better solution have almost universally embraced AnyDVD HD from Slysoft. Using a specialized Windows driver it allows decryption of most forms of media (even HD) on the fly, circumventing copy protection and region restrictions. A few days ago Slysoft issued us a press release proudly proclaiming once again that Blu-Ray’s BD+ has been fully cracked in version Currently Slysoft offers free lifetime updates to customers, but will make the transition to a subscription model on January 11th 2009. A trial version is available from their website, and just might put an end to your media related DRM woes.

Has Blu-Ray’s extensive DRM requirements slowed your adoption of HD?

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