Sling Announces New Slingbox, Remote, Receiver and Monitor

Maximum PC Staff

Sling, the makers of the Slingbox, which lets you watch your stuff--cable TV, recorded programming--anywhere you can hook up to a broadband connection, has announced a slate of new products . As cool as they are they aren’t for us, but instead are intended for “television service providers and consumer electronics manufacturers” so they may “acquire new customers and delight their current ones.”

The Slingbox 700U is an updated Slingbox, and takes on the chore of streaming media, once connected to the Internet via a USB port. The Sling Receiver 300 allows streaming to televisions through a home network. The Sling Monitor 150 is a portable flat-panel display that combines a display and a receiver. And the Sling Touch Control 100 is a “next-generation”, touch-screen remote with the SlingGuide interface.

Sling doesn’t mention cost or availability. But, then, these aren’t for us, so why should we be told?

Image Credit: Sling

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