Sling Announces iPad SlingPlayer but no Realease Date

Ryan Whitwam

The SlingPlayer app for the iPhone has long been a good example of what the platform can do. When last month Sling was allowed to stream video of AT&T’s 3G network, the deal got even better. Now we’re hearing that Sling is hard at work on a version of the app specifically for the iPad . This is great news for every Slingbox owner who whishes the iPhone screen was just a little bigger.

The current SlingPlayer app (which costs $29.99) will work on the iPad, but will be upscaled. Sling was tight lipped about just when the iPad native app would show, but did seem to hint that it would be able to stream video at the iPad’s native resolution of 1024 x 768. We’re skeptical that this sort of resolution will be possible over AT&T’s 3G network, even with high compression.

The only real concern we have is the cost. If the iPhone version is $30, how much will the iPad edition cost? Are there any Slingbox owners out there? Would a high quality Sling app for the iPad entice you to take the iPad plunge?

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