Slacker Adds Six Million New Listeners Since Relaunch

Paul Lilly

No slacking at Slacker as it sees millions of new subscribers join in three months.

Have you given the recently overhauled Slacker service a whirl yet? Millions of others have. According to Slacker, more than six million new listeners have joined the streaming music service since its February relaunch, with 3.5 million listeners jumping on mobile. Not only is Slacker seeing an influx of new users, but they're listening longer than before and they're subscribing to the service, Slacker says.

Slacker went for a complete redesign three months ago, shedding its old digs for a fresh new look and feel. You can listen to Slacker's entire library of songs for free, or pony up $3.99/month for Slacker Plus (commercial free streaming with unlimited song skips) or $9.99/month for Slacker Premium (on-demand access to songs).

"We’re thrilled with the results of our relaunch; since mid-February millions of new people are tuning into Slacker, they’re spending more time listening, and our paid subscriber base is growing fast," said Jim Cady , CEO of Slacker. "And with our proven business model, Slacker is the only digital music service that is gross margin positive on every listener – whether they’re ad-supported or a paid subscriber."

I've been using Slacker Premium since the relaunch and have to admit I'm pretty impressed. I'd describe it as the best of Spotify and Pandora rolled into a single service, and with a catalog of more than 13 million songs, it's not too often I find myself jonesing for a melody that can't be found, except for Gangstagrass, unfortunately.

If you haven't checked it out yet, give it a listen and post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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