Skype Serves Up SDK in Beta Form

Paul Lilly

Have an awesome idea for a Skype app? Well get to it! The good news for software developers for both Windows and Mac platforms is that Skype has opened up its SDK to anyone who requests it.

"We are taking Skype into new directions by empowering consumer electronic and desktop software innovators to embed Skype into their products through the availability of our new software development kit (SDK) called SkypeKit," Skype wrote in a blog post when first announcing SkypeKit in June. "We believe that every connected device can become a communication device, with the addition of SkypeKit. Likewise, desktop applications everywhere can now include Skype."

You have to act quick, however, as SkypeKit is a limited, invite-only beta release. It's unclear how many invites Skype intends to hand out or how long the beta will last.

SkypeKit Beta Homepage
Invite Request

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