Skype Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Looks To Introduce 3D Video Calling

Brittany Vincent

Skype could possibly integrate 3D technology

Most 3D technology doesn't seem to have really sparked users' fires, but the minds behind Skype aren't convinced it's time just yet to give up. Skype revealed a few days ago that they have actually been working toward officially supporting 3D video calls in the near future, once the "ecosystem of devices" is ready.

This is an interesting goal to strive toward, as coincidentally, the video calling service is celebrating its ten-year anniversary. Recently, in an interview with the BBC , as related by TechSpot , Skype vice president Mark Gillett revealed the company has seen progress with 3D displays, but things are more difficult when it comes to the ability of devices to capture in 3D.

Also hinted at in the interview, Skype is exploring the possibility of offering video calls in 1080p to other devices beyond the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and more.

Would you be interested in Skype calls in 3D or is that just a gimmick you're not particularly excited for?

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