Skype’s Group Video Calling Feature is Now Free



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We use it for group conferences all the time because you can record all streams separately (as opposed to hangouts which automatically focuses on the current speaker...or loud noise). It's great that we will no longer have to pay for group calling, but to be fair, if one person had a premium acct, everyone on the call could use group calling. That was a pretty fair deal. Still free is even better.

One thing to note though. At last check Skype on tablets and most phones did not support group calling. Maybe they've fixed this.


Sean D Knight

I don't believe they have. Right now this is just for Windows PCs, Macs, and the Xbox One. Nothing was said about it being free for teblets and smartphones yet. That will probably roll out later. 



My gaming group uses skype for IM chat, and my wife and I use video chat for a research project 2-3 times a month. Rather than paying the premium, we have been scrunching together on the same web cam to discuss the project with our out of state colleague. This is now very welcome.



This is awesome news. Skype works pretty well most the time (in my experience), and it gave an awesome way to connect to my sister while she lived in Japan. I'm excited to have group conversations with my family.



MS now runs ads in Skype. I imagine this offsets their "gift" of group calling. Screen sharing is still limited.

It was a better service before MS bought them.



Thats nice, but as long as they're in bed with MS, I wont touch Skype with a five foot pole. Oh wait...they're OWNED by MS. Oh well.