SKUs Galore for Windows 7 - Leaked Screenshot Reveals Multi-Edition Design (again!)


"5" may be good for bargain lunch hunters or fans of loaded chili mac , but most Windows users would agree that "5" is way too many editions of Windows. Unfortunately, a leaked screenshot of Windows 7 Build 7025 suggests that Redmond is again going to offer five versions of Windows 7 when it ships: Starter (developing computer markets only), Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate editions, just as with Windows Vista.

Depending on who you ask, that's probably two or three versions too many. Unfortunately, unless Redmond changes its mind between now and Windows 7 release, it looks likely that the same "too many versions" problem that haunted Windows Vista will be back for Windows 7. There's one bit of good news, though. It looks as if an easy -to-use version of Windows Anytime Upgrade will be included in non-Ultimate releases so you can move up.

Which Windows editions should live on in Windows 7, and which ones deserve to be nailed to their perches ? Hit Comment and sound off.

Photoshop by Mark Edward Soper.

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