Site Offers $100,000 Bounty for Apple Tablet Leaks


A virulent strain of Apple-tablet fever has the internet in its tight grip, with fanboys, skeptics and everyone in between – among those who care at all about shiny new gadgets - showing different signs. And if blogs like Gawker Media-owned Valleywag have their way, the fever will march rampantly toward an impending crescendo, which is expected to be the period intervening the unveiling and the launch of the tablet. Valleywag is offering a fortune to anyone willing to share “pictures or video or one hour of touching and licking with the Apple Tablet.” Valleywag has chosen to cap its generosity at a mere $100,000 . This is what is being offered:

The Washington Post says it sought expert opinion on the legality of Valleywag's offer . Unfortunately, the lawyer they asked wasn't impressed because Apple could drag Gawker to court for “inducing breach of contract, since anyone who has their hands on the tablet is certainly under a nondisclosure agreement."

What if this is all an Apple-approved publicity stunt, one that is likely to benefit both the Cupertino-based company and Gawker? Stranger things have happened before! One thing is for sure, though,Valleywag's salivating offer will not please journalism purists, the kind allergic to checkbook journalism.

Image Credit: Gawker

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