Silverstone Tundra TD03 Review



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Andrew C.

Unfortunately for the TD03 there are far better options @ this price point.



The 212 that indeed the iconic ~30 dollar air cooler?

I'd like to play with one of these closed-loop coolers to see how far I can take a Phenom II 955 BE (and see how smart my 8350 purchase was) but these tests make it look as though I'd be spending 70 dollars more to save ~6 degrees if I were to do so.

I guess I'd convinced myself that water cooling was worlds more efficient than air when it isn't.



It is worlds more efficient. But these are not true water coolers. These are the geo metros of the liquid cooled world. Small diameter hoses mixed with crappy pumps equal terrible performance. Now, lets compare a true liquid cooling setup. I mean heck, you can get the XSPC kit for 150 off of Frozencpu and it will cool a CPU and a GPU and get better and more stable temps than an AIO cooler.