Silverstone Raven RV03 Review



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A few things worth noting about this case that was missed in the article and previous comments :)

There are 2 hard drive cages located behind the optical bays, each cage supports an additional 3 hard drives, giving this case the capacity for 10 hard drives, and 2 SSDs.

Each hard drive cage can mount 2 120mm fans as well to act as a front intake through the filtered optical bay covers, however only one fan may be mounted on a cage if HDDs are installed.

Aaand... they announced a RV-03 WA version of the case, which sports simply a color change of the champagne stripes, to a more suiting titanium grey.  The color alteration is set to launch this august i believe.  And I'll be buying it as soon as possible :)



Wow!  MaxPC is feeling generous!  Here we have the continuation of a series that:

1. Reduces the number of out-of-the-box 3.5" hard drive bays (although you do get two 2.5" mounts), and

2. Switches from a simple swapable hard drive bay configuration to some unwieldly brackets behind the mobo-panel gizmo (so no hot swapping for you folks with 4 or more 2TB drives in raid configs in case of drive failure so can get to rebuilding without a whole bunch of work...that is no longer maximum...too rare to be of any concern really)


An 8 maybe, but not a 9 (kick Ass or No).



Four 3.5" mounts, and EIGHT 5.25"?! While I realize some fan controllers use 2-3 of these bays, even a big one plus a DVD drive is only four 5.25" drives... Whereas hard drives, well, you can never have too many! This really should have sacrificed a few 5.25's for 3.5's in my opinion... =/ Still, nice looking case!