Silverstone Heligon HE01 Review



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Meh. When it comes to air coolers you go for the $25 H212.



Pretty much. Its price-to-performance ratio is tough to beat. 



Is it any better than my Scythe Mine 2? Only I paid less than £30 (I see it's $50 in The Scythe, with stock fan, gets good reviews when it comes to noise levels, has 8 pipes and was easy enough to fit - this Silverstone doesn't seem to have anything to offer over it



I was curious how much this cooler was since Maximum PC didn't mention it.

Found it on Newegg for $75. You get a 3.8°C drop at full burn compared to a CM Hyper 212 Evo for around 2.5 times the price.

How about a big bucket of NOPE. I'll stick to my 212.



We've added the price. It was inadvertantly left out when it was published, sorry about that. 


Bullwinkle J Moose

I'd like to see some tests as to how much Aliminum (in grams or ounces)
is needed to silently cool the following before an Intel CPU starts downclocking to prevent thermal runaway

Then do the same tests for Copper

35 Watt Intel CPU
45 Watt Intel CPU
55 Watt Intel CPU
65 Watt Intel CPU

First test with solid mass of metal, then with Finned, bead blasted and properly coated sinks with a hand lapped base

Some people just need to know these things

A handy chart would be nice for custom Silent Jobs

You could even start with one of these heat sinks without the fan and you only need one to run the tests

Is it enough to cool a 65 watt chip without downclocking?

If yes, then begin milling a small amount from the top until downclocking occurs, weigh the sink, then move to the 55 watt cpu and repeat


Bullwinkle J Moose




I second that motion.