Nathan Edwards Nov 05, 2012

Silverstone Temjin TJ04-E Review

At A Glance


Great cable management; plenty of room for drives.


Front-panel connectors are minimal; cables too long; expensive.

Keep it simple, stupid

The Silverstone TJ04-E is a modern take on a classic ATX mid-tower. It doesn’t even have a weird motherboard orientation. That’s not to say it’s boring.

The TJ04-E is a steel case, matte black inside and out. Its brushed-aluminum front panel has beveled edges and contains four 5.25-inch drive bays. The case ships with three 12cm fans: an intake fan in the right panel, and top and rear exhaust fans, with room for an additional fan on top, on the side, and at the case’s bottom. The TJ04-E has lots of drive room: one small cage holds six 2.5-inch drives, a pull-out cage holds eight 3.5-inchers, and the area below can hold either a 2.5- or 3.5-inch drive. To help with cable management, Silverstone included two of its four-in-one SATA power cable extenders.

The drives screw directly into the bays (upside down!), and the case ships with two heatsinks that attach directly to the sides of the drives to keep them cool. The SSD cage can also mount directly into the HDD cage—necessary if you have a long PSU.

The motherboard tray supports ATX, microATX, and Mini-ITX boards, and the tray has nine cable-routing cutouts and one large CPU backplane cutout. There’s plenty of room behind the tray for cable routing, and there’s even a compartment behind the PSU to hide extra PSU cables.

Every Silverstone case has one oddball feature. Here, it’s the drive heatsinks.

The build quality is solid, but the side panels pop off easily as soon as the thumbscrews are removed. The only front-panel connectors are two USB 3.0s (with internal header) and HD Audio, and the cables for both are quite long. At $160 for the version with the side window, it ain’t cheap, but if you want refined good looks, great cable management, and a minimal, classy aesthetic, the TJ04-E is for you.

  Antec Eleven Hundred Silverstone TJ04-E Corsair Vengeance C70 MSI Ravager Corsair Obsidian 550D NZXT Phantom 410 Thermaltake Level 10 GTS
Idle CPU 21 20 24 22 24 21 21
Idle GPU 45 43 47 45 48 41 47
Burn CPU 45 43 58 47 52 44 41
Burn GPU 88 85 90 91 91 88 87

All temperatures measured in degrees Celsius. All systems tested with a stock-clocked AMD Phenom II X6 1055T on an Asus Sabertooth 990FX mobo with a Cooler Master Hyper 212+ cooler, a GTX 480 GPU, 4GB DDR3/1600, and an 800W PSU in a room with an ambient temperature of 22 C.


Silverstone Temjin TJ04-E

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