Silvermont is Intel's New Atom Architecture Using 3D Transistors

Paul Lilly

Intel is reportedly working on a new Atom-based micro-architecture codenamed "Silvermont" set to ship in 2013. The new chip architecture is based on Intel's recently announced 3D transistors and is supposed to enable better integration, performance, and power efficiency. As with all upcoming Atom chips, Silvermont will be a system-on-a-chip (SoC) design.

CNet said it spoke with "industry sources familiar with Intel's plans," who claim Intel wants to accelerate the Atom processor roadmap at a pace faster than Moore's Law. Today's Atom SoCs are shipping at 45nm and will move to 32nm later this year. Where does that leave Silvermont? Sources say it will be built on a 22nm manufacturing process with 3D transistors.

Other than that, there's isn't a whole lot of information available, at least not yet. Intel is planning to reveal more details at its analyst meeting next week, CNet says.

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