Silicon Power Releases 256GB SSD

Maximum PC Staff

Silicon Power announced this morning that they have plans to release a 2.5-inch SATA II SSD that will weigh in at a sizeable 256GB.

Doubling the size of their already notable 128GB SSD released previously, the new 256GB version will feature faster read speeds of 165MB/second and write speeds of 98MB/second. Sadly, the drive has a Jmicrion JMF602 controller, which doesn’t play well with SSDs unless it ships with revision B of the very same chip. No word yet on whether or not this is the case.

According to Silicon Power “Customers can easily install the SSD in laptops, PCs or other devices that support SATA II SSD. Silicon Power 2.5” SSD with SATA II or IDE interface is fully compatible with RoHS requirement, with capacities ranging from 8GB to 256GB.”

No word yet on pricing or availability.

Image Credit: Silicon Power

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