Silent Case Design is Black and White to NZXT

Paul Lilly

NZXT has a long history of cranking out funky looking enclosures, though that isn't always the case. The case maker's latest creation is designed to give gamers a silent computing experience so they can concentrate on the in-game action rather than the sounds coming from their PC. Truth be told, the new H2 silent midtower chassis looks lke a modern take on Antec's P182 from a few years back.

The H2 features a layer of premium noise dampening foam to keep internal noise from leaking out. There's also a magnetic fan cover on the top 140mm fan that NZXT claims adds another element of silence, but can also be removed for additional cooling.

"Noise is a distracting byproduct of a power gaming rig that can confuse and endanger the avid gamer in the heat of battle," said Johnny Hou , Founder and Chief Designer at NZXT. "H2 delivers peace of mind through absolute silence effectively enhancing concentration and accuracy to set the state for complete gaming domination."

The H2 also comes with eight front-facing HDD bays, a hot swappable HDD dock, a motherboard cutout for accessing/installing the CPU's heatsink/fan without removing the motherboard, and a 3-phase fan controller.

Pricing has been set to $100 for the H2, which ships in black and white.

Image Credit: NZXT

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