Sign-Ups for Evolve PC Alpha Being Accepted Now

Sean D Knight

Steam account required

If you have been curious about Evolve, a co-op shooter that pits four players against a player-controlled monster, then you might get your chance. Developer Turtle Rock Studios has announced that sign-ups are being accepted for the Evolve alpha test .

The alpha will be limited to players living in the continental United States and Canada with a Windows PC and working Steam account and will last from July 11-13. The developer, who was responsible for creating Left 4 Dead, also requires that participants refrain from disclosing details of the alpha.

In order to take the survey , users will need to provide a password (happyhunting) and referral code (JoinTheHunt) which was provided on the game’s official Twitter account . Once done, potential participants will need to take a brief survey about their PC hardware specs, their experience with shooters, and what game platforms they own.

Turtle Rock Studios says that it expects to have the Evolve alpha participant list completed by July 5.

Evolve, one of our 20 most anticipated games of 2014 , will be released on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms on October 21.

Are you looking forward to Evolve and will you sign up for the Alpha? Sound off in the comments below!

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