SIA: Don't Fret, Chip Sales are Strong, Broseph


The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) wants you to know that there's absolutely nothing to worry about, so you can quit stressing about the potential impact a down economy might be having on semiconductor sales. You know, in case that's the sort of thing you lose sleep over.

"Worldwide sales of semiconductors were strong in July despite growing indications of slower growth in the overall economy," said SIA president Brian Toohey . "Although recent public statements from a number of major manufacturers have emphasized limited visibility for the near-term, we continue to expect that industry growth for 2010 will be in line with our mid-year forecast of 28.4 percent."

According to the SIA, global chip sales climbed to $25.2 billion July, an increase of 1.2 percent from $24.9 billion in June and a whopping 37 percent spike from $18.4 billion from this time period one year ago. In addition, chip sales are up almost 50 percent in the first seven months of 2010 compared to last year.

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