Shuttle to Debut Line of VIA-Powered Nettops

Paul Lilly

Starting in June, Shuttle plans to show off two new nettops at Computex as part of its Embedded Slim-series. Both systems -- XS92 and XS92F -- will be powered by VIA's Nano processors.

The XS92 will come equipped with VIA's L-series chips, specifically the L2100 (1.8GHz, 25W) and L2200 (1.6GHz, 17W). Meanwhile, the XS92F will trade a bit of performance for better power management by utilizing VIA's U-series. The U-series range in speed from 1GHz to 1.3GHz while sipping just 5W to 8W. Because of the super low power draw, the U-series boast a fanless, noise-free design.

Further details remain scarce, including release date and pricing information.

Image Credit: Shuttle via Fudzilla

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