Shuttle PC Lands North of the Border, Launches Canadian Website

Paul Lilly

Following in Newegg's footsteps, Shuttle this week announced the official launch its new Shuttle Canada website, .

"We've really got a great year ahead of us. Aside from the new models and product lines that we just unveiled, we're focusing more closely on several of our key markets, such as Canada," said Nicolas Villalobos, Director at Shuttle Computer Group in Los Angeles. "With the growing market demand and rising user base there, we've decided to roll out a new website just for Canada - making it easier than ever for resellers, distributors, and everyday users in Canada to get support for their Shuttle products."

Shuttle said it has sprinkled in a few new areas that cater specifically to the enthusiast crowd, including a DIY section. Right now, this consists of a 3-part video tutorial showing users how to put together a Shuttle barebones system, something which isn't embedded into the company's U.S. portal.

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