Showtime and Netflix Hammer Out a New Streaming Deal

Paul Lilly

The hit series "Dexter" is getting axed from Netflix's streaming service. So is "Californication" and every other current, original series. It's the agreement CBS's Showtime and Netflix came to when reworking an expiring streaming content deal, and quite frankly, losing popular shows like "Dexter" simply sucks. But it's not all bad news for Netflix.

While episodes of current originals are being held back for Showtime's own authenticated broadband service, Showtime Anytime, the new deal will see streaming shows no longer on Showtime shuttled to Netflix, including "The Tudors" and "Sleeper Cell," according to a Reuters report .

"Current and past seasons of our original series will be available to our authenticated subscribers via our TV Everywhere service Showtime Anytime," a Showtime spokesperson said. "A number of Showtime originals series will continue to be available and stream on Netflix."

It's an interesting time for Netflix, which has come to rule the streaming sector. But with premium cable channels limiting content, Netflix has been forced to look at other ways of staying relevant, such as producing its own original series , "House of Cards," a political drama starring Kevin Spacey.

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