Should Intel Buy SandForce?

Paul Lilly

We didn't come up with that question out of the blue, and we only started wondering about the logistics of such a move after hearing rumors that Intel and SandForce are fast becoming pals. According to news and rumor site Fudzilla, Intel is at the very least seriously considering outfitting some of its high-end solid state drives with SandForce controllers, which would be just another notch -- albeit a very big on -- on SandForce's belt. But that's not all Intel is thinking about.

Fudzilla says its Santa Clara sources are suggesting Intel is interested in acquiring SandForce outright, provided the price is right. And that right there is the reason why the deal will probably never materialize. Back before OCZ went out and scooped up Indilinx, Fudzilla asked the memory maker if there was any interest in buying SandForce, especially since so many of OCZ's SSDs use SandForce controllers. As the story goes, OCZ dismissed the idea after hearing SandForce's asking price and decided it made better sense to continuing licensing controllers. And then OCZ went out and bought Indilinx.

Now Intel is at the same crossroads as OCZ was once at. Should Intel make a bid for SandForce, license the company's controllers, or keep forging ahead with its own controllers? We don't know which direction Intel will take, but given that SandForce is all over the place right now, we don't imagine the company is all that eager to sell out for anything less than a king's ransom.

Image Credit: SandForce

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