Should Google Remove Chrome's URL Bar?

Paul Lilly

Having already stripped clean Chrome's user interface, Google's browser is about as minimalistic as it gets, or so we thought. It turns out that one of the ideas being kicked around is to remove the URL bar and move from a two-line navigation model to just a single line, reports . It's called "Compact" and it's one of four new layouts Google's taking a long, hard look at.

If Google were to adopt the Compact model, Chrome would place the navigation buttons, search button, tabs, and menus next to each other on the same line. The URL of each tab would only be displayed when a page is loading and when the tab is selected.

The advantage here, according to Google, is more real estate. Search could then bue used as a "launcher and switcher" and it could be applied in flexible ways on larger screens.

As for disadvantages, Google notes that things could get crowded, and users might not be too embracing of losing sight of the URL.

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