Should AMD Axe Its Athlon, Phenom, and Sempron Branding?

Paul Lilly

There's a rumor floating around that AMD will soon bury its Athlon, Phenom, and Sempron brand names, just as the chip maker did with its Radeon brand a few months ago. According to XbitLabs , which claims to have seen a document detailing the change, AMD plans to divide its upcoming Llano and Zambezi processor lines into different classes of its Vision platforms, which will be designated by FX-series, A-series, and E-series instead of Athlon, Phenom, and Sempron.

XbitLabs says Zambezi processors built around the Bulldozer architecture with four to eight cores will comprise the FX series and be sold as AMD Vision Black and AMD Vision Ultimate parts. Dual- and quad-core Llano chips, on the other hand, will become A-series processors and power AMD Vision and AMD Vision Premium platforms. That leaves the E-series, which will serve the entry-level market with single- and dual-core processors based on AMD's Zacate architecture.

An AMD spokesman wouldn't confirm the change, nor would he deny it, pointing out that the Vision brand is AMD's contribution to trying to simplify things.

"What you saw AMD do with APUs on the 'Brazos' platform is get component-level branding out of the way so that our OEM partners can imbue their products with branding of their choosing without sub-brands cluttering things up... Will we do the same with Llano and Zambezi? You'll have to wait and see," the spokesman said.

What do you think AMD should do?

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