Shogun Bros. Unveil Sniper-Friendly Ballista MK-1 Gaming Mouse

Brad Chacos

Gamers already have a ton of options when it comes to gaming mice -- thanks to Shogun Bros., that number just hit a ton plus one. The company claims that its newly unveiled (but not yet available) Ballista MK-1 Gaming Mouse is tailor-made to make the lives of online campers -- pardon me, online "snipers" -- more cushy than ever before with a bevy of sharpshooter-friendly features.

According to Shogun Bros.' press release, the mouse rocks 5,700 DPI and 11,570 fps movement tracking -- when you make a movement, the mouse should definitely register it. The DPI of the X and Y axis are totally separate and open to individual tweaking. The Ballista MK-1 packs in presets with 20 different DPI settings for different gaming types, there's 11 macro buttons, and a side button that allows gamers to drop into a Speed Shot mode. (Hey, that doesn't sound very sniper-like!)

No word on pricing, but the mouse will be available in the second quarter.

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