Sheldon Bright's Project13

Nathan Edwards

Sheldon Bright loves going to LAN parties, but dragging around a full-size  rig can be a hassle.  So he decided to design and build a compact but powerful machine that he could easily transport­—and that would garner a lot of attention.

One necessity was that the rig had to fit a full-size ATX board, and after fiddling with the design, Sheldon discovered that a 13-inch cube provided a perfect combination of space for components and portability. He then carried throughout the design of the case the idea that 13 is an unlucky number.

The details on the sides of the rig include a row of flames, the number 13, a pentagram, and a devilish lass.

Project13’s coolest feature is its pullout mobo tray. To create it, Sheldon purchased kitchen-drawer side rails from the hardware store and affixed them to the sides of the case.

Red transparent Plexiglas, red anodized paint and red LEDs: When this rig is powered up it glows like a Cylon helmet!

While built to hit the road, Project13 also looks great when set up in a home environment.

For submitting this month’s winning entry, Sheldon has won a $250 gift certificate.

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