Sharp Displays Solar Powered LCD at G8


In today’s world, people are beginning to judge each other based on their carbon karma and the power consumed by the gadgets they own. Sharp has developed a solar-powered LCD TV for all the alternative-energy patrons and parsimonious energy spenders. The LCD TV is three times more energy efficient than a regular CRT TV. And this frugal use of energy allows the LCD to completely depend on solar energy. A 26-inch prototype is on show at the upcoming Hokkaido Toyako Summit, Japan - better known as the G8 summit.

Sharp has also developed a solar cell module of the same size as the LCD TV to power it. The two will most probably be sold in conjugation, as if inseparable technological cognates. The company is targeting the product towards about 1/4th of the earth’s population which still has no or intermittent access to electricity. Many of these people might be living in such underdeveloped and impoverished places that they would be more interested in basic necessities of life than such flash technology.

But, of course, if Sharp can successfully sell this to even a very few of the world’s electricity-deprived populace, it certainly will be very happy.

Image Credit: Treehugger

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