Sharp at CES: Bigger is better!

Amber Bouman

Tablets are still a trend at this year’s CES, with Sharp jumping on the bandwagon and announcing its first entry to the U.S. tablet market – Galapagos – as well as announcing several gigantic 70-inch LED display. The Galapagos tablet – which was announced last year in Japan -will be partnered not only with an ebook store, but will also ultimately work with Sharp’s web-connected HDTVs.

Galapagos is a Wi-Fi only Linux tablet with a capacitive touch screen, stores content on a microSD card and has support for ePub files. It comes in two sizes in Japan, 5.5 and 10.8 inches, but may be resized for its arrival on U.S. shores later this year. The accompanying ebookstore will provide content in Sharp’s proprietary XMDF format. XMDF is a format widely used in Japan, and has the advantage of being able to accommodate various screen sizes – with the idea that users can view content not only on their tablets but also on one of Sharps’ web-enabled TVs.

On the subject of TVs, Sharp announced some large-scale models that utilize its Quattron quad-pixel technology (which is notable infamous for the addition of yellow to the traditional RGB filter model -- a strategy that really doesn't do much of anything, at best) and features a full array of LED with local dimming. Sharp is set to release five 70-inch models (yowza) as well as six 60-inch HDTVs with LED backlighting; for those looking on a smaller scale, the company will be releasing several smaller 3D models. Following in the Quattron tradition, the new 3D arrivals will also feature Wi-Fi, Facebook, Pandora, Twitter and Flickr via the Vudu apps.  The company also announced three new 3D Blu-ray players and a 3D HD DLP projector.

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