Shadows Lengthening Over Broadcast TV: Analyst (Spoiler: Piracy is to Blame)


All analysts worth their salt are bound to have strong apocalyptic visions at some point in their career, and so, should make perfect muses for heavy metal artists that cry hoarse about doomsday scenarios. Lehman Brothers’ analyst Anthony DiClemente has warned that broadcast TV might soon bow out of our living rooms .

He blamed digital distribution and rampant file-sharing for broadcast TV’s woes. He has a point as digital distribution hasn’t even fully taken off and the Youtubes and iTunes might just be the precursor of bigger things to come, and digitally distributed content will hold sway be it game consoles or TVs.

However, broadcast TV is not going anywhere in large parts of the world that still don’t have a high broadband penetration rate. We have all been told how a certain technology or gadget is headed for its grave only for it to survive; even the radio has managed to survived till now. Tell the whole world what you think about broadcast TV’s fate in the comments section.

Image Credit: Dabbledoo

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