Serious Sam 3 to Finally See Light of Day in 2010

Nathan Grayson

After Duke Nukem Forever got tangled up in the American legal system earlier this year, we were deathly afraid that our career-defining reportage of action shooters starring brash, muscular, wise-cracking manly men that are trapped in development limbo – only to surface once every year-and-a-half or so -- would forever go to waste. Thankfully, though, Serious Sam 3’s filling that oddly specific niche – at least, for now.

"Serious Sam 3 is happening for sure," CroTeam boss Roman Ribaric told Destructoid . "It is currently planned to be finished in 2010."

Serious Sam 3 was originally announced in 2007. Then, with all the grace and subtlety its hulking, foul-mouthed protagonist could muster, it vanished. And now, here we are nearly three years later -- with nary a screenshot or trailer to shield Serious Sam 3 from the vapor.

With any luck, though, CroTeam will have something to show us in 2010. Unless, of course, Serious Sam 3 is a text adventure, which – given the relative lack of screenshots and trailers, combined with the series' purposefully nostalgic nature – would make so much sense .

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