Sennheiser Launches G4ME ZERO and ONE Headsets for Gamers

Paul Lilly

A collaborative effort

Sennheiser is a name most audio enthusiasts are already familiar with, though it's not all that often that the German maker of audio gear specifically targets gamers. Now with the help of Io-Interactive (part of the Square Enix group and creator of games like Hitman and Kane & Lynch), Sennheiser has gamers directly in its sights with its new G4ME ZERO and G4ME ONE headsets.

The marketing machine is in full operation here. According to Sennheiser, the G4ME ZERO and G4ME ONE represents a new era in professional gaming headset design. Ergonomics and "supreme comfort" take center stage, along with top-of-the-line noise cancellation technologies.

Sennheiser's G4ME ONE sports an open design to deliver hi-fi sound as game developers intended while letting air through to keep your ears cool during long hours of game play, the company says. Comfort comes in the form of XXL-sized, plush velvet earpads, a cushioned headband, and lightweight design.

The G4ME ZERO is a closed headset with multiple layers of padding and memory foam designed to shield the user from external sound. It also keeps the internal sound from leaking out and disturbing others.

That's it for details, unfortunately. Sennheiser hasn't said when these headsets will launch to retail or how much they'll cost.

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