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Sennheiser Communications PC 333D G4ME Review

At A Glance


Unrivaled sound quality; includes external USB audio dongle; convenient auto-mute boom.


Set is too tight to be comfortable on medium to large heads; plasticky construction

This gaming headset offers gorgeous sound, but at what price?

Sennheiser isn’t a name you usually associate with gaming headsets—the company hasn’t, after all, traditionally been a player in that market, and its entry into it hasn’t come with much fanfare. All the same, we were pretty psyched when our review unit of the company’s new G4ME 333D headset came in.

The PC 333D G4ME offers great sound for little heads.

Gaming headset pedigree or no, Sennheiser is known for making some of the best headphones around. In one respect, we weren’t disappointed. The PC 333D is, hands down, the best-sounding gaming headset we’ve ever tested. For gaming, the sound quality and 3D positioning are fantastic. Even for music, the PC 333D is fantastic, with a phenomenal dynamic range, crystal-clear highs and lows that are powerful without being muddy. It is, in short, the best sound quality you’re going to find in a gaming headset.

Construction is decent overall, if a bit plasticky, and features a “dj hinge,” which lets you swivel the right can forward or backward about 45 degrees so you can keep one ear free to hear your environment. Another cool feature of the 333D is the microphone boom, which automatically mutes your mic when it’s swiveled to the upright position. The set can be used with analogue jacks, or as a USB device with the included external USB soundcard—a feature we always appreciate.

Unfortunately, there’s one big drawback to the PC 333D: It’s too tight. The foam around the ear cup is not the softest, and the set clamps down very hard on your head, leading to sore ears at best and a sinus pressure–like headache at worst. We passed the 333D around at the office, and the folks with larger heads reported that the snugness was enough to make using the headphones extremely unpleasant. Those with smaller heads weren’t bothered much. Thus, we’re giving the 333D headset high marks for amazing sound and good features, but with a warning: Don’t buy this product if you’ve got a big noggin, and if you do buy it, get it from someplace with a good return policy.


Sennheiser Communications PC 333D G4ME

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