Select Sandy Bridge CPUs Coming Down in Price

Paul Lilly

Intel is getting ready to reduce the price of several mid-range and lower end Sandy Bridge processors, including a Core i3 chip, a handful of Core i5 CPUs, and a couple of Pentium chips. Most of the price cuts will take place next month, followed by three more in October. With that in mind, should you build now or wait for the price cuts? Here's why you should go ahead an pull the trigger now.

None of the price cuts are particularly tantalizing, and one of them is a mere $4. If you have the budget to build or upgrade today, go ahead and do it. And if not, these price cuts aren't likely to put you over the top, not unless you're just a few dollars shy of being able to build a new rig. Here's the full list of processors that are about to get a little bit cheaper, as reported by (and some of them have been known for awhile now):

  • Core i3 2120: $138 down to $117 (October)
  • Core i5 2390T: $195 down to $184 (September)
  • Core i5 2400S: $195 down to $184 (September)
  • Core i5 2405S: $205 down to $201 (September)
  • Core i5 2500S: $216 down to $205 (September)
  • Core i5 2500T: $216 down to $205 (September)
  • Core i7: 2600S: $306 down to $294 (September)
  • Pentium G630: $75 down to $64 (October)
  • Pentium G850: $86 down to $75 (October)

Intel's also reportedly planning to introduce a few new models next month, including the Core i5 2320, Core i3 2130, Core i3 2125, Core i3 2120T, Pentium G860, Pentium G630 (priced above), and Pentium G630T.

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