Security Software Maker AVG to File for $125 Million IPO

Paul Lilly

AVG is well regarded in tech savvy circles for serving up generally capable free antivirus software, as well as a line of paid security products with more advanced features. It's a freemium model that's worked well for the company, and because AVG's antivirus software has remained fairly solid throughout the years, it's built a positive reputation for itself, one that might be worth a whole lot of money.

The security firm announced today that it has filed for an initial public offering (IPO), and according to Reuters , AVG is hoping to raise as much as $125 million. Officially, AVG says the number of shares to be offered and the price range for the proposed shares have not yet been determined. Tech IPOs are popular again, and this might be the best time for AVG to take itself public.

According to Reuters , AVG's subscription revenue is $130.1 million and its platform-derived revenue is $68.02 million. Both contributed to the company's reported net income of $99.7 million on total revenue of $198.1 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2011.

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