Second Windows Phone 7 Update in 2011 to Bring IE9, Multitasking

Ryan Whitwam

Microsoft has revealed some details on their anticipated 2011 updates for Windows Phone 7, and if they follow through, the platform could be looking much more attractive. The first major update that includes copy and paste functionality is set to drop in early March, but that's nothing compared to the features expected for the second update of 2011 . Microsoft expects to add Internet Explorer 9 and multitasking to Windows Phone in this second update.

Moving IE9 over to the phone will enable several new features including hardware acceleration and better HTML5 support. However, there will not be support for Flash at that point due to battery concerns. The other big feature addition is multitasking. It has a real webOS vibe with panels that the user can swipe through to see the open apps. Some apps, like music clients, will be able to play in the background. So WP7 will probably have a more tamped-down take on multitasking like the iPhone, but with a solid app management interface.

Microsoft would not commit to a date on this second update, only saying that it was expected this year. Do you think Microsoft can get this update out soon enough for it to make an impact?

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