Second-Largest Mobile App Store Lands $11 Million in Funding

Pulkit Chandna

Apple is credited for turning the smartphone market on its head with the iPhone and the concomitant App Store. But do you know of a mobile app repository that boasts thousands of free apps across different mobile platforms? GetJar is the largest independent app store and the second largest overall. It has delivered more than 1 billion app downloads since its inception in 2005.

Despite all major mobile smartphone platforms boasting their own app stores, GetJar is likely to thrive given the preponderance of feature phones around the world. At least, venture capital firm Accel Partners seems to think so. GetJar has secured $11 million in Series B funding from Accel.

"We look forward to our continued partnership with Accel Partners and this new funding will be instrumental in taking GetJar to the next level in our business strategy for aggressive global expansion and product development," said GetJar founder and chief executive Ilja Laurs.

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