Second Generation Kindle Fire Tablet Reportedly Slated for July

Paul Lilly

Entry level and/or low-cost tablets are beginning to burn bright in the market place, and none more intense than Amazon's Kindle Fire, currently the second best selling tablet on the planet behind Apple's iPad. Call it a glorified eBook reader if you want, the thing is selling well no matter which category it gets squeezed into, and though the competition is ramping up efforts to compete in the same category, Amazon isn't sitting idly by. On the contrary, there's talk of a Kindle Fire 2 device shipping in July.

News of an impending second generation Kindle Fire launch comes from CNet , which was told by a "credible source" that Amazon is targeting July 31. There have been other rumors surrounding Amazon's Kindle Fire roadmap, one of which says the eCommerce behemoth will likely reduce the price of its current generation tablet to $149 as it introduces a newer model at the same $199 price point as current Kindle Fire devices sell for.

Amazon's rumored approach appears to follow in the footsteps of Apple, which sees future generation devices debut with upgraded features and hardware without jacking up the price. That would be a wise move for Amazon, which currently dominates the low-cost tablet sector in terms of market share.

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