Second Generation iPad Could Land in April 2011

Paul Lilly

Apple's iOS 4.2 update for the iPad hasn't even been available to the general public for 24 hours, yet some are already looking forward to Apple's next generation tablet, the iPad 2.

Brian Marshall, an analyst with Gleacher & Co., recently told ComputerWorld that Apple will stick with its annual refresh roadmap for its tablet, just like the Cupertino company has done with its iPhone for the past three years.

"I think April is the proper time frame for an iPad 2," Marshall said. "Since I'm projecting that Apple will release a CDMA iPhone in March, both will help to equalize Apple's seasonality."

There has been water cooler talk around the Web that Apple might release a second iPad sooner than originally planned in order to compete with the avalanche of tablets that are supposed to hit the market, but Marshall isn't buying it. He also isn't buying into the speculation that suggests the next iPad will be smaller than the original.

"It will be the same form factor, but with dual-camera functionality," Marshall said.

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